vicki lord academy
Vicki Lord Bridal and Editorial Hair Academy
Being able to share my skills and experience with other professionals and students that love hair is something I feel very passionate about, and I am thrilled to offer bespoke courses for anybody interested in hair, including beauticians and make-up artists, with an option of gaining Accreditation. I also offer a 2-day Habia approved course, which awards 14 CPD points on successful completion. These accredited courses are available for both individuals and salons. Scroll down this page for FAQs, and if you have any questions please contact me.
What benefits do I get from having Bridal Hair Training?
Undertaking a course in Bridal Hair could be one of your smartest business decisions. The Vicki Lord Intensive two-day course is ideal for hairdressers, who would like to add to their skill set, either as a freelancer, or add to the services that they can provide in their salon. With relatively low start-up costs, qualified bridal hair stylists are charging between £200 and £450 per bride. This could be you!
What benefits do I get from having Editorial Hair Training?
Many salon clients and brides are opting for new and exciting ways to wear their hair, and by completing and passing the editorial course you can give them exactly what they want, and even have the confidence and new skills to suggest styles to them. This course means you can stay abreast of new and exciting techniques in the industry, plus put yourself out there for more exciting styling roles such as fashion shows and photo shoots.
Why choose to be trained by Vicki Lord?
I have thirty years of experience in the industry; and am multi-award winning, including the UK’s Best Bridal Hairstylist 2016. I am not only a perfectionist with my own work, but an approachable, skilled trainer. I completed her City and Guilds training at the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon salon in Covent Garden, London. During my time there as assistant to the Art Director, I worked alongside some of the most highly respected stylists within the industry, as well as some superstar clients. I left Sassoon’s to establish my own successful freelance business in London and the South East. In 2005, seeking new challenges, I became a part-time Educator with leading hair extension company Balmain, where I taught the application of hair extensions and the dressing of long hair in salons and colleges throughout the UK. My years of experience have enabled her to perfect the hairdressing skills necessary to indulge my true passion; creating beautiful and unique hair for brides and for figures within the entertainment and fashion industries. I am abreast of new techniques, and know exactly what’s on-trend, and my work has appeared in many fashion magazines, including covers, and I have had spreads and written features in bridal magazines, including Wedding Ideas, and Ultimate Wedding. In January 2016, I was appointed as Balmain’s Bridal Hair Specialist, I also write for wedding magazines, websites and features on television talking about hair and giving makeovers. And I am passionate about teaching people who love hair as much as I do.
What do I need to bring?
• Bring a packed lunch, and a snack. (Tea and coffee will be provided)
• Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
• Tongs: large and medium barrelled
• Straighteners
• Tail Comb
• Hair-up brush
• A model on the assessment day
What are the prerequisites?
Students need to have relevant Level 2 or equivalent qualifications, and knowledge and/or experience within the hair industry, in order to be awarded the Habia 14 CPD hours. For students who do not have this qualification, they can still do the same course, but with optional AQA accreditation. All students doing any of my courses will receive a certificate of completion.
Can I still do the course if I do not have the relevant Level 2 or equivalent qualifications?
Yes, you will be able to have an optional AQA accreditation certificate. I also provide workshops or private non-credited courses with a certificate of completion for unqualified students. Please go to the base of the page for more information and helpful links.
What makes your bridal hair courses different?
With a background in the film industry, and having worked in various salons in and around London, I know what celebrity clientele demand and I make sure that this is reflected in the training I offer, after all, every client, be it in the salon, or at a wedding, wants to feel like a superstar when they are having their hair styled. You will learn both the theory and practice of how to achieve wedding hair or editorial hair with emphasis on client safety and satisfaction, as well as developing and perfecting techniques.
What makes your editorial hair courses different?
I have a wonderful career working on high fashion shoots, with red carpet and runway shows, as well as with brides, but I have always been an educator as well as hair artist, and so I will literally be sharing my skills so that you can also build a career in fashion session hairstyling, or so you can just enjoy the styles for yourself and for friends.
Do I need insurance?
As an already qualified and working professional, you are likely to already have insurance, but it is recommended as you will be working with a model on the final day of your course.
What is the PASS mark for the theory test?
There are 10 questions to answer on the Hair Questionnaire Theory Test, and varying marks per answers, giving an indication of what is expected from the answer of each question. There are 20 marks available in total, and students are required to get 15 marks, which is a 75% pass mark. If the student does not achieve this pass mark, then I will ask them a few of the questions again so that they can answer verbally. This will be recorded on the feedback section of the form. All questions are covered in the course and are there to assess how much students have absorbed the information.
What is the in-depth case-study assessment?
This course is unique in that I assess and analyses photos of each case study, giving individual, in-depth feedback for every student. It takes time and practice to develop a good technique and this ensures your continued improvement in wedding or salon hair styling – So that when you’re certified you can go out and charge full market price, you can do it with conviction, and beam with confidence.
What is the criteria for the practical assessment?
During all student practical sessions, I will circulate to observe, and provide encouragement, as well as advice when required, and appropriate assistance. I will be available to answer any questions throughout. The Practical Assessments on Day 1:
• Demonstrate techniques that I have taught.
• Show competence using equipment and products.
• Show ability over speed, but being able to complete the entire look in the time will be assessed positively.
• I will be assessing for neatness, and shine, as well as staying power with the Classic Curly Side Bun finished look.
• I will be assessing for evenness, and precision with the Classic Braids: Rope Braid, Fishtail Braid, French Braid finished look.
The Practical Assessments on Day 2:
• Demonstrate techniques that I have taught.
• Show competence using equipment and products.
• Show ability over speed, but being able to complete the entire look in the time will be assessed positively.
• I will be assessing for more independent work on the second day, with regard to setting-up, dealing with their live model, prepping hair, executing technique and creating the final hairstyle.
• I will be assessing for neatness, and smoothness of the Classic Chignon Bun, as well as how the student has catered the look to suit the model’s features.
• I will be assessing for height, and structure of the Classic French Pleat, with a Beehive finished look.
How many students per course?
The small class sizes ensure that you have a great student-teacher ratio. I teach up to three students in her own studio, and can teach up to six in other suitable venues, and up to eight in fully equipped salons. With the maximum class size being ten students, and in these cases I will have fully trained and qualified assistant/s from the V Team. This ensures your individual needs can be addressed and you receive personal attention from your tutor. If you’d rather one to one training, I offer this too.
What happens after the course?
Once you are certified you will receive a certificate, plus your Habia industry approved 14 hours of CPD. You can provide your clients with new and exciting styles, an outstanding service, as well as implement other tips and skills you have picked-up from me. I would love to remain in contact with students via email and/or social networking, and am happy to provide feedback or answers to any hair-related questions. You can also continue training with the Vicki Lord Bridal & Editorial Academy, just choose another course, and enjoy perfecting and updating your skills and knowledge.